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The TF 2000 Competition Muffler is designed for Drag and Circle racing.  It's rugged yet light weight construction has made this muffler one of the most desirable on the market.  Unlike any other muffler currently out there its removable Aluminum case allows the mechanic to re-pack or adjust packing to meet Decibel requirements.  NHRA Drag racing has already set their standards at 95DB at 50 feet.   This muffler can easily exceed this with very little power loss, if any.  The core of this muffler is 4" x 20", perforated tubing, no louvers or chambers.   The 6063 Aluminum case is 8" diameter and is fastened to the core via a stainless steel V-Clamp for easy sound wave absorbent and the lightest in weight.   For Oval track racing we recommend a stainless steel wool, mainly for its longevity for the racing enthusiast who races 100 laps or more a weekend.

Also for the Open Wheel racer these Aluminum Cased mufflers can be Color Anodized to match your team colors.  See our Web page examples for ideas, we will be glad to build you a custom set of color matching mufflers.  The better your car looks, the more attracted a sponsor might be to your team.  If our standard muffler doesn't fit your application, call us, we will do anything we can to outfit you with a Sneaker.  These mufflers are manufactured in the U.S.A., by Racers, for Racers.

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