Byson Mfg., Inc., Header Gasket Distributorships

Byson Mfg., Inc., is the Manufacturer of the Hi-Temp Header Gasket now being supplied with most of the high quality header sets.  These high quality Gaskets are designed to handle the extreme temperatures and pressure of today's R.V.'s and modified street engines.  To become an Authorized Distributor all you have to do is purchase $500.00 of Header Gaskets, these can be mixed or can be all of one type, and includes the Collector Gaskets.  This is a one time charge, after the first $500.00 order is satisfied you can order as many or as few Gaskets as you want.  As an Authorized Distributor, you will be able to purchase these Gaskets at list price and then re-sell them to your muffler and exhaust customers at your price.  Current Distributors have been re-selling the flange Gaskets from $20.00 and up per set.

Two of our many happy Distributors

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